OUR MISSION: "The Gaston Regional SKYWARN Team's mission is to provide communication services for the collection of severe weather reports and dissemination of critical weather information in support of the National Weather Service and its mission to protect life and property by improving warning accuracy."

Thank You to the Gaston County ARES NC4GC for your endorsement for our Team

We are a Proud Sponsor of the (WG4RC) GASTON RADIO CLUB

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2023 Gaston Regional Skywarn Team Officers

James Ledbetter -K04DZI-Chief

Tony Jones -NA4TJ - Asst Chief

Chris Norman- Deputy Chief

Alan Goins- Deputy Chief

David Coveillo-Training

Matt Norman- Capt

Ric Honeycutt-Capt

Andy Pagoota -LT

Safety Officer-Mark McCleery

SEC/Tres- Kristie Dutton

James Ledbetter - EC
Tony Jones- AEC
Pete Mcginnis-Treas
Cy Rowe- AEC

Covering a region that includes the Charlotte and Gastonia metropolitan area, the Gaston Regional SKYWARN Team was formed in 2020 to help report severe weather to the National Weather Service (NWS) using amateur radio, ZELLO and social media. Members of the Gaston Regional SKYWARN Team, are volunteers, some amateur radio operators that are experienced, trained spotters, and Private Citizens, like yourself. You do not have to be a trained spotter to report severe weather to us but the training is very beneficial.

Regional Coverage Area includes the following counties in North Carolina and South Carolina:

Catawba County

Cleveland County

Gaston County

Lincoln County

Mecklenburg County

Rutherford County

Cherokee County, SC
Union County, NC

Sept 2022 Ken Williams
Oct 2022 Andy Pagoota
Nov 2022 Tony Jones
Dec 2022 Steven Richardson
Jan 2023
Feb 2023
Mar 2023

Check us out on Zello..... Simply go to your app store on your phone, search for zello...Search for Gaston Regional Skywarn Team. and simply give us a weather update, in your area.... we would love to hear from you

Reporting Severe Weather

During severe weather nets we are looking for the following types of observed weather events:

  • Flooding where roads are impassible

  • Hail of any size

  • Tornado or funnel cloud

  • Wind Damage

  • Rain of two or more inches per hour, or 15 minutes of rain that equals or exceeds .5"

On air, if you report severe weather please remember to including the following information:

  • Your call sign, say it and spell it phonetically

  • Your name

  • Time of observation

  • Location where the event was observed. Include City, County and State, then a street and cross street

If you need to submit a storm report to NWS and are unable to make a report via amateur radio, please follow this link.

We are currently Looking to make some additions to the Team. If you are a Weather Buff, and wanna be a part of a fast growing Team complete this form.


We offer Training on Basic and Advanced SKYWARN.

We can get you certified as a Licensed HAM operator.

FEMA online incident Command Training.

https://www.meted.ucar.edu/education_training/course/23 BASIC SKYWARN ONLINE

https://training.fema.gov/nims/ NIMS 100,200,700 AND 800 ONLINE CLASSES


Thank you Mecklenburg Amateur Radio Society (W4BFB) and Scott Greene (KC4IRA) and the Shelby Amateur Radio Club (W4NYR) for allowing us to use your repeaters for our weekly and severe weather nets!

The Gaston Regional Skywarn® Team is a division of Gaston Radio Club (WG4RC).