Local perspectives on storm chasing continue to evolve with time. As the National Weather Service finds increasing value in the contributions of qualified storm chasers outside of "Tornado Alley" the SKYWARN amateur radio network must evolve to support those chasers.

Storm chasing remains a secondary focus at best, and we continue to maintain a position in line with the Gaston Regional Skywarn Team.. That is, we do not recommend, endorse, or encourage storm chasing. However, we will communicate with, and provide reporting channels for, qualified storm chasers who wish to participate in our nets.

For purposes of this program, the term "storm chasing" shall be applied to the intentional pursuit of severe weather, regardless of whether such activities are for purposes of severe weather reporting, photography, videography, research, or thrill.

The National Weather Service and the GSP NWS and our SKYWARN Amateur Radio Support Team consider the safety of all SKYWARN volunteers to be of paramount importance.

SKYWARN Spotters and other persons who choose to engage in storm chasing do so at their own risk and completely independent of their involvement in the SKYWARN program. The National Weather Service and the SKYWARN program accept no responsibility for the decisions of SKYWARN program participants with regard to storm chasing and can assume no liability for damages arising from the use of SKYWARN reports in storm chasing or any other activities.

      Please remember: Do not jeopardize your own safety for the SKYWARN program!